Supplier Invoice Automation (SIA) for Nextworld

Building on our success and vast experience on the field of invoice automation with SCANMAN for JD Edwards, we have created a cloud based Supplier Invoice Automation solution for Nextworld ERP.

Nextworld delivers a 100% cloud ERP solution that aligns organizations with current business realities. All built from the ground up with today’s modern architecture it offers global financials, job cost, distribution, manufacturing, and a no code development platform. Nextworld is the only ERP built entirely on today’s PaaS and SaaS technology.

Automate your invoices in Nextworld

Supplier Invoice Automation (SIA) for Nextworld is a state-of-the-art invoice automation solution, build on and seamlessly integrated into Nextworld ERP. SIA streamlines repetitive manual tasks by automatically processing the PDF invoices and electronic  invoices that you receive.

Read all about the most important benefits and features of SIA for Nextworld in the factsheet, such as:

  • Increase efficiency by automating invoice processing and eliminating manual tasks
  • Increase accuracy by recognizing invoice data through the advanced OCR technology
  • Enhance visibility with an application workflow to check the invoice status
  • Improve auditability by tracing back every detail of an invoice process
  • Use it from every location on every device through the cloud-based A/P process

Fill out the form to download the SIA fact sheet.

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