Calculate the time and costs of your package build & deployment process

The object lifecycle management of EnterpriseOne can be a time consuming activity, are you aware of the time and money actually being spent on manually assembling, building and deploying packages?

Submit the values applicable to your situation and learn how much time and money you can save by automating your JD Edwards Technical Change Management.

1. Update Package Builds over all environments

*The fields contain average values. Type to adjust these values for your organization.


How often do you assemble, build and deploy an update package?

Per month*

Can you improve the internal service level by increasing the frequency of your package builds?


If yes: what number of update packages would you build when there are no limitations to resources, time and funds?

Per month*
  • 11. Update Package Builds over all environments
  • 22. Full Package Builds over all environments
  • 33. Average time spent
  • 44. Internal rate / outsourced rate
  • 55. Your data
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