An all-in-one solution for ERP, workflow- and document management

Employees in each organization perform large amounts of manual, daily recurring actions to get their work done. Although not always noticed, these recurring actions result in a lot of inefficiencies. Many organizations have therefore started looking for new solutions that help automate these manual steps. PODIO is a workflow automation tool that effectively eliminates all these unnecessary, recurring tasks. Combined with JD Edwards, this results in an all-in-one solution for improving and simplifying your processes.

What is PODIO exactly?

PODIO is a cloud solution with a flexible, user-friendly and customizable interface, that automates the manual steps within your workflows. An example: you work at a housing corporation and each time the status of a tenant changes (e.g. when an adjustment is made in the rental contract), all people involved need to be informed either in person, via a paper form, an email or by phone. Additionally, the status change needs to be correctly processed in the administration. In these situations, PODIO enables you to automatically notify everyone, just by ticking a single box. Thereupon, the tool automatically takes over each manual task. PODIO also helps digitize inefficient, manual processes. The process of walking from one desk to the other to notify colleagues about an event or task, can be put through digitally with PODIO. The responsible employees receive automatic follow-up notifications, so everyone knows what to do to successfully complete the process.


Besides automating workflows and digitizing processes, PODIO provides direct insight in pending and completed tasks through the clever calendar options. The solution also enables you to easily connect with colleagues and partners, using the chat feature. It also allows you to add a comment or note in each step of the workflow and it has many integration possibilities. PODIO can, for example, be integrated with your current JD Edwards ERP-system, your email software and your mobile applications. And it is offered in combination with document management solution Sharefile, which enables you to smoothly share and manage documents. Ultimately, PODIO is available via desktop, smartphone and tablet.

PODIO combined with JD Edwards

Not every employee within an organization is equally pleased to work in a static and transaction-based system like JD Edwards. Colleagues at departments like HR, Sales and Marketing often prefer IT-solutions that are easier to operate, that encourage collaboration and that do not need lots of data-entry. By connecting PODIO with JD Edwards, your employees can make use of a dynamic environment, which provides a complete understanding of the administrative processes and that enables them to easily make adjustments. Through the combination of PODIO and JD Edwards you create an optimal digital office environment for everyone. For example, if you would like to collect detailed information about your leads, JD Edwards is not ideal. Instead, PODIO allows you to view, manage and adjust the most detailed information. You can document the current status of a lead in JD Edwards, while managing the entire status history in PODIO. PODIO is easy to configure. Without any help of an IT developer, your colleagues at other departments can integrate portals, workflows and applications with JD Edwards, thus creating an all-in-one solution for ERP, workflow- and document management.


PODIO adds great value to your existing IT environment. Where the usability of JD Edwards is limited, PODIO offers a solution for anyone who is not used to the complexity of an ERP-system. Interested or would you like to learn how Forza Consulting can help you automate your processes? Get in touch with us by completing the form on the right side of this page.

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