Automating your JD Edwards Technical Change Management

The technical change management process for JD Edwards objects can be a time consuming and recurring activity. Every change in an object version or program needs to be built and deployed across the various JD Edwards environments. Typically this involves manually selecting, assembling, building & deploying packages. Automating your process will obviously help increase CNC efficiency and productivity. However, in addition to time and cost savings, what are other benefits to be gained?

Here is what our customers consider to be the most valued benefits:

1. Accelerating the time-to-market of software changes
The 24×7 build and deployment capability accelerates the cycle times in which object changes are delivered. As full and update packages are automatically selected, assembled, build and deployed, process delays are eliminated.

2. Enhancing IT’s internal service level
The status driven process flow allows IT to ensure timely delivery of software changes. Accuracy is improved as manual errors and roll-backs are prevented, i.e. when languages are not selected for the package.

3. Improving process control and visibility
Automatically generated update and status reports ensure process control, visibility and auditability. Reports include detailed information on package contents, deployment and when applicable, special instructions.

4Agile development & continuous software delivery
PACKMAN provides the flexibility that development teams rely on for the agile development and continuous delivery of software. PACKMAN allows you to build & deploy packages every day, without adding any strain to CNC resources.

Optimizing JD Edwards Technical Change Management 

Our implementations go beyond just automating the manual process. By applying best practices we ensure an optimized JD Edwards OMW configuration and a smooth and status driven technical change management process across your JD Edwards environments.

Convinced by these benefits? Let’s crack the numbers, in just five minutes you can calculate your time and cost savings using the PACKMAN Savings Calculator.

For more information, or a live web demo on automating your package build & deployment process, contact Joost Engel at


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