Let business and IT speak the same language

Smooth cooperation between IT departments and the management of the business is necessary in order to successfully implement digital changes. There is, however, one important precondition: business and IT must speak the same language and align their objectives. The BusinessITScan helps to achieve this.

The BusinessITScan is a proven, multilingual, independent and integral self-scan, developed by IT’s Teamwork. It is based on six “success factors for digital transformation”. The scan highlights opportunities and bottlenecks in the field of cooperation and technology and helps improving both the business and its IT landscape. Forza Consulting is joining forces with IT’s Teamwork to help organizations with achieving their digital transformation goals

Transform faster with the BusinessITScan®

In order to remain relevant to their customers, organisations in all sectors are forced to act in response to digital innovation. For organizations it is key to be able to adapt their processes faster, which requires more flexible IT landscapes.

However, (legacy) IT landscapes are often complex. The need to transform requires a closer, but also more situational, collaboration between various disciplines within the business operations and its internal IT suppliers.

Almost every organizational change affects processes, people and (to an increasing extent) IT systems. Digital transformation means adapting. But what (first), and how? Who leads and who facilitates? Is IT a facilitator or a driver?

To find out the exact situation and what opinions there are within your organization, you could start a long and expensive advisory process. For organizations that prefer to gain insight into their current Business & IT situation in a fast and accessible manner, there is the BusinessITScan . The compass for digital transformation.


How does it work?

You invite several colleagues to complete an online questionnaire, based on their role in the organization. Next to gathering facts, you also receive opinions about your current business processes and ideas for improvement. During the scan, the participant recognizes  the following six success factors:

  1. Partnership

The ROI of organizations can be significantly increased through IT when users, management, and both internal and external IT suppliers work together optimally.

  1. Contribution to productivity

Information technology offers a huge contribution to the productivity of an organization and its users, provided that business applications correctly and efficiently support the primary processes.

  1. Contribution to innovation

One moment IT departments are the key driver for their management, and the next day they are ‘only’ the facilitator. IT departments who know how to contribute to innovation, can adjust their role accordingly.

  1. IT competences

Innovative IT departments focuses on an always up-to-date strategy. They can work on a project basis with users within the organization and have their information security in place.

  1. Stability and continuity

Many organizations are highly dependent on IT for the execution of their primary processes. This is why all IT services that are visible to the user (and also the invisible ones) must always be available.

  1. IT-related financial matters

Innovative IT departments are not only driven by financial standards. They make a clear distinction in their digital agenda between costs for ‘running the business’ and investments for ‘changing the business’ .


What are the benefits?

The BusinessITScan offers a clear insight into the priorities, opportunities and risks in the business operations and the IT landscape. The output from the interviews is automatically bundled in a real-time dashboard and a detailed advice report with specific recommendations.

A spider diagram shows the scores and goals of the six success factors. With the Priorities & Action module you can quickly give a follow-up on the advice, and with the Remeasurement module you can measure your progress over time.

The insights from the BusinessITScan help you make better informed IT decisions and create a bridge between management, the IT department and the business operations. You can immediately set priorities and take action.

If necessary, with the aid of detailed reports, useful best practices, professional coaching or qualified partners to gain your objectives.


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Various organizations in more than ten countries, including Asics, Shoeby, van der Linden Transport, Low & Bonar and Nedmag, have improved their business operations and IT systems, thanks to the BusinessITScan.

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