Bank Payment Automation (BPA) for Nextworld

On the field of bank payments automation, we’ve used our success and vast experience with CGI Payman for JD Edwards, to create a cloud based Bank Payment Automation solution for Nextworld ERP.

Nextworld delivers a 100% cloud ERP solution that aligns organizations with current business realities. All built from the ground up with today’s modern architecture it offers global financials, job cost, distribution, manufacturing, and a no code development platform. Nextworld is the only ERP built entirely on today’s PaaS and SaaS technology.

Automate your payments in Nextworld

Bank Payment Automation for Nextworld (BPA) generates electronic XML bank payment files in the format your bank uses, to be processed directly. This greatly reduces processing effort, payment exceptions and risk. BPA’s entire process is streamlined, straight-forward and automatic, fully embedded as cloud service in Nextworld.

Read all about the most important benefits and features of BPA for Nextworld in the factsheet, such as:

  • Fully embedded cloud service, with no technical installation required
  • Faster, easier and more in control than checks processing
  • Removing uncertainties, such as human error, through automation
  • Solid security through encryption, hashtags and masking
  • Process is fully logged: both in Nextworld and the cloud service

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