Supplier Invoice Automation (SIA) for Nextworld

Building on our success and vast experience on the field of invoice automation with SCANMAN for JD Edwards, we have created a cloud based Supplier Invoice Automation solution for Nextworld ERP.

Nextworld delivers a 100% cloud ERP solution that aligns organizations with current business realities. All built from the ground up with today’s modern architecture it offers global financials, job cost, distribution, manufacturing, and a no code development platform. Nextworld is the only ERP built entirely on today’s PaaS and SaaS technology.

Automate your invoices in Nextworld

Supplier Invoice Automation (SIA) for Nextworld is a state-of-the-art invoice automation solution, seamlessly integrated into the Nextworld ERP. SIA streamlines repetitive manual tasks by automatically processing PDF invoices delivered to you. Just like Nextworld, it is provided as a cloud based service.

Read all about the most important benefits and features of SIA for Nextworld in the factsheet, such as:

  • Increase efficiency by automating invoice processing and eliminating manual tasks
  • Increase accuracy by recognizing invoice data through the advanced OCR technology
  • Enhance visibility with an application workflow to check the invoice status
  • Improve auditability by tracing back every detail of an invoice process
  • Use it from every location on every device through the cloud-based A/P process

Download the SIA fact sheet here


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