Improved VAT declaration with Forza

The monthly VAT declaration can be a complex and time-consuming activity. Furthermore a balanced VAT summary statement can be important for internal and external audits. Using the Forza VAT declaration that has been especially developed for EnterpriseOne in cooperation with customers in the Netherlands and Germany, these repetitive tasks become easier, transparent and verifiable.

What is it?

The Forza VAT declaration starts out from your existing financial organization. There are therefore no restrictions imposed. With additional software – built with the E1-toolset – you can:

  • produce a VAT declaration for the Netherlands and Germany in compliance with the lay-out of the tax authorities in question.
  • based on this VAT declaration produce an Intrastat declaration for the Netherlands and Germany.
  • carry out a check of the VAT declaration and the associated VAT balance accounts.
  • produce a balanced VAT summary statement with which it can be demonstrated that the indicated sales are accounted for in the ledger (and where they are accounted for).
  • carry out a check of entries that are entered without or with an illogical VAT code.
  • the declarations and summary statements are stored in your EnterpriseOne environment, so that these can be later referred to on-line.

What are the benefits?

The Forza VAT declaration gives you the following benefits:

  • declarations in compliance with the required lay-out.
  • display and control mechanisms.
  • fully integrated into your EnterpriseOne environment.
  • developed with the last technologies, such as Powerforms.
  • there is no additional software required.
  • there are no modifications required in the existing layout.

What does it involve?

The support effort required is naturally dependant on the complexity of your declaration. In general external support will be limited to explanation and assistance during the implementation of the software and possible support with the first declaration. In just a few days you can be using this software, without risk to the existing configuration. The Forza VAT declaration runs in parallel with your existing processes.

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