JD Edwards launches mobile app

Just as in the consumer market, there is an increasing demand for mobile applications within the business community. There is a need for applications to support business processes that can be used outside the company or the immediate vicinity of the workplace. JD Edwards includes three standard applications of this type: for displaying sales orders, for approving purchase orders and for submitting travel and accommodation expenses.

Many companies have specific business cases for the use of mobile applications, which will not be covered by JD Edwards as standard. An example of this is the accessing of JD Edwards CRM information by the external sales force. They can obtain access to address and contact details, opportunities and sales orders via a mobile application. But a mobile application can also make more efficient work on the shop floor possible, for example for employees who are involved with quality and have to carry out tests at different locations.

Using Magic Software technology, Forza Consulting develops mobile applications that provide access to JD Edwards for mobile employees who must also have remote access to JD Edwards transactions or information. These applications run under iOS, Android, Blackberry or Windows Mobile.

The strength of Magic Software lies in the integration with JD Edwards that can easily be achieved using Magic iBOLT/XPI and the speed with which development can take place in the Magic XPA application development platform. It is possible on this platform to develop an application once and then roll out this application to mobile devices with different operating systems.

We will be pleased to give you a demonstration of a mobile application in which JD Edwards is accessed remotely.

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