PODIO is a smart and flexible online platform that accelerates and simplifies your daily work. The interface is completely customizable and integrates each of your most frequently used tools, enabling you to manage your projects from one single location. With PODIO, you can share documents, manage tasks, generate reports and communicate with your colleagues and clients.


With PODIO, managing your day-to-day work becomes easier and more structured. The tool simplifies all of your processes, whether your role is primarily commercial, legal, technical or administrative. The interface is fully customizable to your working methods, resulting in a more organized and efficient working day. The main advantages:

All your favorite tools in one platform
PODIO integrates the data from your most commonly used tools, enabling you to manage each of your projects from one single place.

Completely customizable
As you can fully customize workflows to your personal preferences, you can better organize your work and make processes as efficient as possible.

Workflow automation
By automating your manual tasks, you can speed up your workflows. This enables you to spend more time on your core activities.

Overview of  pending tasks
PODIO gives direct insights into pending and completed tasks, so you can always see what needs to be done to keep your projects on track.

Easy setup
Making adjustments to the PODIO environment is easy. As an example, you can easily determine who should or should not be authorized to access certain areas within your environment.

Short lines of communication
With the integrated chat functionality, you can effortlessly communicate with anyone within your network, including colleagues, clients and partners.

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Reliable architecture

PODIO is available via the cloud, 24/7 and from any location. It is natively integrated with Sharefile and easily integrates with JD Edwards EnterpriseOne.

The servers are based within the highly secured Amazon Web Services datacenter in Dublin (Ireland) and each file is saved within the on-premise environment of Citrix Sharefile. To ensure the continuity of your business, any document is backed-up in a separate datacenter.

With an uptime of 99.99 percent in 2016, the stability of PODIO is excellent. Besides, the platform complies with all required regulations and guidelines regarding data security. Thousands of teams and organizations around the world trust PODIO and use it to accelerate their processes and simplify work activities.

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