The Oracle JD Edwards Orchestrator is a very accessible, ‘low code’ solution to further automate business processes. Next to this, you can use it to simplify integrations within and outside JD Edwards.

Simplify interactions within and outside JD Edwards

The JD Edwards Orchestrator allows you to smoothly automate your business processes. This does not only concern processes within JD Edwards, but also connections to external applications, devices and other data sources.

Recurring daily processes can be ‘orchestrated’ in an automatic flow of process steps. This contributes to faster processing, less errors, lower costs and the use of more (and better) business data. The Orchestrator can also be connected to external systems and cloud services, to make it possible to send and receive JD Edwards system data in an efficient integrated business process.

Effortlessly create, test and implement process orchestrations with the Orchestrator Studio. The user-friendly interface (with drag and drop) connects your data smoothly, and lets you configure automatic process flows between JD Edwards applications easily.

More information?

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Forza Consulting provides Orchestrator support

Suitable knowledge is required to optimally and successfully set up the Orchestrator. Are you looking to grow your knowledge about this tool, or curious about the benefits of the Orchestrator for your organization? Feel free to reach out to Forza Consulting. We have successfully helped our customers with integrating JD Edwards to their other applications for years, as well as supporting the deployment of the Orchestrator within their environments.

Forza Consulting provides support on:

  • Training to learn how to use the Orchestrator;
  • Brainstorms on possible business cases for the Orchestrator;
  • Advise on working out a specific business case;
  • Developing and deploying orchestrations, if you don’t have the knowledge yourself.

Discover the modern, quick and accurate toolset of the JD Edwards Orchestrator. Download the brochure or contact Forza Consulting directly to discover all possibilities for your organization.

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