Privacy statement

Privacy statement

Forza Consulting BV respects the privacy of visitors to its website, in particular the rights of visitors regarding the automated processing of personal data. Because of full transparency towards our clients, we have therefore formulated and implemented a policy regarding these processing operations themselves, their purpose as well as the possibilities for data subjects to exercise their the rights to the best of their abilities.

For all additional information on personal data protection, visit the website of the Personal Data Authority:

By continuing to visit this website, you accept the following terms of use. You accept the use of cookies and other tracking systems.

The current version of the privacy policy available on the website is the only version that applies as long as you visit the website, until a new version replaces the current version.

Article 1 - Legal terms

  1. Website:
  2. Controller: Forza Consulting BV, with its registered office at Lange Brinkweg 77-03 , 3764 AB Soest, Chamber of Commerce number: 32126735.

Article 2 - Access to the Website

  • Access to the Website and its use is strictly personal. You may not use this Website or the data and information provided on it for commercial, political or advertising purposes, or for any commercial offers and in particular not for unsolicited electronic offers.

Article 3 - The content of the Website

  • All brands, images, texts, comments, illustrations, (animated) pictures, video images, sounds, as well as all technical applications that may be used to operate the Website and more generally, all components used on this site, are protected by intellectual property rights. Any reproduction, repetition, use or adaptation, in any way whatsoever, of all or only a part of it, including the technical applications, without the prior written consent of the person in charge, is strictly prohibited. If the Controller does not take immediate action against any infringement, this cannot be construed as tacit authorisation or waiver of legal action.

Article 4 - Management of the Website

  • For the proper management of the Website, the Controller may at any time:
  • suspend, interrupt or restrict access to all or part of the website to a certain category of visitors;
  • remove any information that may interfere with the functioning of the Website or is contrary to national or international legislation or contrary to Internet etiquette;
  • have the Website temporarily unavailable in order to carry out updates.

Article 5 - Responsibilities

  • Under no circumstances is the Controller responsible for any failure, malfunction, difficulty or interruption in the functioning of the Website, as a result of which the Website or any of its functionalities is not accessible. How you connect to the Website is your own responsibility. You are responsible for taking all appropriate measures to protect your equipment and data against, inter alia, virus attacks on the Internet. You are also responsible for the websites and data you access on the Internet.
  • The Controller is not liable for any legal proceedings taken against you:
  • because of the use of the website or services accessible via the internet;
  • For violating the terms of this Privacy Policy;
  • The Controller is not responsible for any damage incurred by yourself, or third parties or your equipment as a result of your connection to or use of the Website. You will refrain from taking any action against the Controller as a result.
  • If the Controller becomes involved in a dispute as a result of your use of this website, he is entitled to recover from you all damage he has suffered and will suffer as a result.

Article 6 - Data collection

  • Your data are collected by Forza Consulting BV and (an) external processor(s). Personal data are defined as: all information about an identified or identifiable natural person; an identifiable person is considered to be a natural person who can be identified, directly or indirectly, in particular by means of an identifier such as a name, an identification number, location data, an online identifier or one or more elements that characterise physical, physiological, genetic, psychological, economic, cultural or social identity.
  • The personal data collected on the website are mainly used by the administrator for maintaining relations with you and, if applicable, for processing your orders.

Article 7 - Your rights regarding your data

  • Pursuant to Article 13(2)(b) GDPR, everyone has the right to access and rectify or erase their personal data or restrict processing concerning them, as well as the right to object to processing and the right to data portability. You can exercise these rights by contacting us at
  • If you submit a request to invoke any of these rights, we will need to verify your identity. We shall do so by asking a number of verification questions in a manner that is privacy friendly.
  • You will receive a reply to your request within 1 month of submission. Depending on the complexity of the requests and the number of requests, this period may be extended by 2 months if necessary.

Article 8 - Processing of personal data

  • In case of violation of any law or regulation, of which the visitor is suspected and for which the authorities require personal data collected by the Controller, these will be provided to them following an express and justified request by those authorities, after which such personal data will then, as the case may be, no longer fall under the protection of the provisions of this privacy statement.
  • If certain information is necessary to access certain functionalities of the Website, the Controller will indicate the mandatory nature of this information at the time of requesting the data.

Article 9 - Commercial offers

  • You may receive commercial offers from the Controller. If you do not or no longer wish to receive these, send an email to the following address:
  • If you come across any personal data during your visit to the Website, you must refrain from collecting them or from any other unauthorised use as well as from any act that violates the privacy of those person(s). The Controller will in no case be responsible in the above situations.

Article 10 - Data retention period

  • The data collected by the Controller of the Website will be used and kept for the period stipulated by law.

Article 11 - Cookies

  • A cookie is a small text file that is placed on your computer’s hard drive when you visit our Website. A cookie contains data so that you can be recognised as a visitor each time you visit our Website. It is then possible to customise our Website for you and to make logging in easier. When you visit our Website, a banner will appear informing you about the use of cookies. By continuing to use our Website, you accept their use. Your consent is valid for a period of thirteen months.
  • We use the following types of cookies on our Website:
    • Anonymised analytical cookies: to gain insight into visits to our Website based on information about visitor numbers, popular pages and topics. This allows us to better tailor communication and information provision to the needs of visitors to our Website. We cannot see who visits our Website or from which computer the visit takes place.
    • Non-anonymised analytical cookies: to gain insight into visits to our Website based on information about visitor numbers, popular pages and topics. This allows us to better tailor communication and information provision to the needs of visitors to our Website.
    • Tracking cookies: such as advertising cookies designed to show relevant advertisements. Personal interests can be derived from information about visited websites. This allows organizations to show their website visitors targeted ads, for example. Tracking cookies make it possible to create profiles of people and treat them differently. Tracking cookies are generally used to process personal data.

More specifically, we use the following cookies:

  • Google Analytics anonymised (analytical cookies)
  • Google Analytics (analytical cookie)
  • Google Adwords (tracking cookie)

When you visit our Website, cookies originating from the Controller and/or third parties may be installed on your computer.

Article 12 - Visual material and products offered

  • No rights can be derived from the visual material belonging to the products offered on the Website.

Article 13 - Applicable law

  • Dutch law is applicable to these general terms and conditions. The court of the data manager’s domicile has exclusive jurisdiction in any disputes concerning these general terms and conditions, except where a statutory exception applies.

Article 14 - Contact