PRISM for JD Edwards

PRISM for JD Edwards is the solution that proactively monitors and improves the stability and availability of every JD Edwards EnterpriseOne environment. PRISM monitors the entire JD Edwards environment and automatically generates the right data for application managers to continuously improve system stability and performance.


With EnterpriseOne’s standard application management tools, JDE application administrators often rely on manual activities to gain insight into their systems. Forza’s PRISM is designed to gain insight into the performance of JD Edwards EnterpriseOne systems to maintain an optimal performing environment. Realtime dashboards give application managers insight into system performance, PRISM proactively identifies issues and changes in the system so that application managers can respond appropriately.

Because PRISM sends instant notifications when system irregularities occur, application managers are able to react even before the system becomes unstable. Thus, PRISM supports proactive improvement of system stability.

To monitor the system, the module employs a virtual user. This user simulates end-user actions such as starting an application or generating a purchase order. Based on the system response times and predefined limits, it determines whether the JD Edwards environment is responding as expected.

All the results gathered by PRISM are compiled by the tool into a monthly report, showing the full health of the JD Edwards environment. The benchmark function compares system performance with a best-in-class system. This provides instant insight into where the system can be improved.


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Solutions from Forza Consulting

Our consultants have years of experience with PRISM. We have successfully implemented this solution at various clients and monitor the JD Edwards environment for maximum system availability. This saves costs and time.

Implementing other JD Edwards EnterpriseOne solutions? We like to contribute ideas and offer your organization the perfect solution to stay ahead of the competition. Our consultants are highly experienced professionals who have implemented multiple solutions, such as SCANMAN, on different JDE versions. As a result, they know all facets of the system and ensure fast incident handling.

Active 24/7
Automatic mounting of the JDE system
Detailed audit reports for all application managers

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At Forza, we connect our clients' ambition and strategy with the ERP system, employees and underlying technology. To keep the focus on the business, we offer a range of services (from implementation of the software, managed services to interim assignments).

With 20 years of experience, client satisfaction is key.

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