Our JD Edwards Upgrades

Old and outdated software is vulnerable. The latest version of an update often closes vulnerabilities that hackers and cybercriminals exploit to gain access to valuable data. Besides closing vulnerabilities, updates also often bring new features that allow employees to work more efficiently with the system.

Technical and functional upgrades

Forza Consulting has been offering support around upgrading JD Edwards for years. Our consultants have experience with all versions of JD Edwards and are therefore familiar with all the challenges involved in upgrading. Upgrading an ERP system may involve a technical and/or a functional upgrade.

With a technical upgrade, we upgrade the tools in the JD Edwards environment to a new version. The functional environment remains the same. A technical upgrade to the latest release will improve the user environment and offer new capabilities to users in terms of JD Edwards components. Forza Consulting regularly carries out technical upgrades for its clients. Prior to each tool release, we hold an Upgrade Assessment in which we come up with a detailed plan of action together with our clients.

A functional upgrade usually involves a somewhat bigger challenge. In a functional upgrade, all programs are ‘renewed’. This involves bringing all modified programs to a new version and retesting all processes. As more programs are modified or when new programs are created based on JD Edwards features, the impact of the upgrade is greater.

From release 9.2, it will be possible to limit this impact to only the objects changed by Oracle in a new release. Forza Consulting has the tools and knowledge to determine the Return On Investment (ROI) and business case for an upgrade for any organization. With our Upgrade Assessment, we structurally map each upgrade challenge and help prepare for the upgrade.

Upgrade Assessment

With our Upgrade Assessment, we offer a number of meetings, which together aim to get a clear picture of the effort required for the (functional) renewal. Based on the information from these meetings, Forza Consulting can put together a plan of action for the project and present an appropriate proposal for the JD Edwards renewal process.

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne has the flexibility to grow with the organization. All applications, such as PRISM, change along with the environment and requirements. Standard functionalities are configurable and can be changed according to an organization’s business processes. In addition, JD Edwards is constantly working on improvements to the software, which is why it has long been a leader as a World Class ERP system.

Always the latest version
New functionalities
Better protected against vulnerabilities

Need a specialist?

At Forza, we connect our clients' ambition and strategy with the ERP system, employees and underlying technology. To keep the focus on the business, we offer a range of services (from implementation of the software, managed services to interim assignments).

With 20 years of experience, client satisfaction is key.

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