PAYMAN for JD Edwards

With the PAYMAN module for JD Edwards, the great diversity of domestic and foreign payment systems is exchanged for a single standardised XML payment file. The processes are also automatically checked for errors and possible cases of fraud. PAYMAN ensures a simple, fast and error-free payment process within the JD Edwards environment.


The PAYMAN module automatically determines the best payment route per invoice, without the need to modify the invoice information. This is done based on the organization’s banking structure, the supplier’s banking structure and the invoice information. PAYMAN further automatically checks the bank account of suppliers during a payment order, so payments are always sent to the correct account.

The XML payment files generated by PAYMAN are based on the ISO 20022 guidelines. The standard ISO 20022 XML payment files contain hundreds of fields, making it possible to use almost all possible payment types. PAYMAN includes a collection of these fields, greatly improving the manageability of payment files.

PAYMAN supports a wide variety of payment formats, including the most commonly used standard formats CGI and MT101. Besides the standard formats, the module also supports a wide range of local formats, such as BTL91, DTAZV and some Chinese and Brazilian variants.

Implementing this module simplifies payment processes in JD Edwards. The module performs checks independently and automatically adds new international payment standards if they are not already present in the JD Edwards environment (e.g. SEPA Payments). During the implementation of PAYMAN, Forza Consulting’s team investigates which formats are needed in the organization.


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Aevitas Property Partners 6 weeks Go-Live
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About our specialists

Where other Service Providers stop, our consultants take the next step. We enjoy contributing ideas and, with this tool, we offer the perfect solution for a simple, fast and error-free payment process within the JD Edwards environment. Our consultants are highly experienced professionals with multiple JDE implementations on different JDE versions. As a result, they know all facets of the system.

Besides implementing solutions, our consultants also carry out regular updates. With the PACKMAN solution, this is an easy process. This tool was developed specifically for JDE and our consultants have years of experience with this innovative technology. In addition, our consultants are available 24/7 to advise on the most challenging JDE issues.

Supports multiple payment formats
Automatically the best payment route per invoice
XML payment files based on ISO 20022 guidelines

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