SCANMAN for JD Edwards

SCANMAN Financial Suite is the only fully integrated A/P invoice automation solution for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne.
SCANMAN transforms manual invoice processing into both an electronic and streamlined process.


Manual invoicing processes are not only labor-intensive, they also lack the oversight that modern businesses nowadays rely on. Paying suppliers on time can be a real challenge if all the paperwork has to go through a manual approval process. Relationships are thus challenged by late payments and an internal overview of cash flow is lacking.

SCANMAN is a unique product. It is the only automatic invoice processor that is completely integrated into the EnterpriseOne system. Finance and IT thus ideally meet and deliver high business value with only limited IT architecture.

The SCANMAN module is fully integrated into JD Edwards and is implemented as an out-of-the-box solution with end-to-end automation of the financial process. This includes automatic invoice collection, automatic invoice entry, data recognition, approval workflows and, finally, processing 2- and 3-way matching.  This ensures that no integrations are required for the module to work optimally. Implementing this module can reduce the payment processing time by up to 70%.

The specialist in JD Edwards

Implementing modules for JD Edwards requires specialist knowledge. Not only during the decision-making process, but also when optimally deploying the module within the JD Edwards environment. Do you have an interesting business case for your organization? Forza Consulting is eager to contribute ideas. Together with our clients, we examine the challenges and solutions. We then determine the most efficient and suitable implementation method. Depending on the requirements, Forza Consulting can also design, develop and deliver integrations.

In addition to our experience in implementing new modules, we also unburden our clients by offering a full-service solution for their Oracle JD Edwards ERP system. Our Managed Services consultants handle incidents and problems, respond to Service Requests and monitor the system with PRISM. This tool was developed specifically for JDE and our consultants have years of experience with this innovative technology. In addition, our consultants are available 24/7, anywhere in the world.

Full JDE integration
Greater insight into financial processes
Reduce payment processing time by up to 70%

Need a specialist?

At Forza, we connect our clients' ambition and strategy with the ERP system, employees and underlying technology. To keep the focus on the business, we offer a range of services (from implementation of the software, managed services to interim assignments).

With 20 years of experience, client satisfaction is key.

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