About us

Forza Consulting is the go-to specialist and partner for Oracle JD Edwards (JDE). Our consultancy services are tailored exactly to what your organization needs. From fully outsourcing a project to supplementing and strengthening an existing IT team. Forza consultants work closely with business and IT teams to maximise value, improve efficiency and support business growth. Find out more about us on this page.

About Forza Consulting

Forza Consulting is an IT consultancy company that specialises in providing high-quality services related to the Oracle JD Edwards ERP system. Since its establishment in 2007, we have been completely unburdening our JDE clients by providing them with full-service solutions. With global support, standby services and full system and application management, we increase system efficiency and reduce maintenance costs. We also provide implementations, optimizations, training and integrations with other applications. Forza Consulting delivers and migrates JD Edwards on any cloud environment required by the client.

Our specialists

Working on JD Edwards for numerous clients requires specialist knowledge. Forza Consulting’s consultants are always up to date with the latest trends and developments and enjoy thinking along with you about innovative JDE solutions for every organization. Would you like to know more about one of our specialists or are you looking for advice? Then get in touch with us!

At Forza, we connect our clients' ambition and strategy with the ERP system, employees and underlying technology. To keep the focus on the business, we offer a range of services (from implementation of the software, managed services to interim assignments).

With 20 years of experience, client satisfaction is key.

Dirk-Jan Boerefijn

Business Unit Manager

As Business Unit Manager, Dirk-Jan is responsible for the smooth running of all Managed Service activities.

With more than 20 years of international experience, Dirk-Jan's background gives him a unique perspective coupled with his strong empathy. As a trusted advisor, Dirk-Jan makes every effort to add value based on mutual trust, he attaches great importance to service and quality and as a trusted advisor he advises and unburdens our clients.

Hannelore Koppen


Implementations and global rollouts are not based on IT alone. Hannelore is able to combine her IT knowledge with organizational changes. She is a project manager who is driven to deliver on time and within budget, without losing sight of the human side.

Hannelore is an IT manager, business consultant, project manager and consultant with more than 20 years of experience in IT. Experience in finance, working with technology and delivering process improvement in various industries and local government.