JD Edwards Orchestrator tool

Recurring, everyday processes can be ‘orchestrated’ into an automatic series of process steps. This contributes to faster data processing, fewer errors, lower costs and more (and better) business data. The JD Edwards Orchestrator is the tool that makes automating these processes possible for the JD Edwards platform.

Simplify processes

The Orchestrator is a key component of the JD Edwards platform. It is a highly accessible, ‘low code’ solution to further automate business processes. This can range from internal system processes to external applications, devices, cloud services and other data sources.

With this tool, companies are able to easily and fully automatically transfer data from IoT devices and other services into usable business processes in JD Edwards EnterpriseOne applications. This is a cost-effective way for companies to stay ahead of the competition in the ever-changing IoT landscape.

Orchestrator accelerates an organization’s digital transformation and can be quickly deployed to automate business processes. Orchestrator Studio, part of the JD Edwards Orchestrator, enables organizations to test and implement process orchestrations in an accessible way. Thanks to the user-friendly interface (with drag and drop), external data is easy to link and you can easily enter data, create notifications and send messages.

Forza’s consultants have knowledge of the most diverse programming languages such as C#, Java and Groovy. This makes every conceivable integration possible. In addition, our professionals have extensive knowledge of and experience with various integration solutions, including Oracle Integration Cloud Services, Magic XPI, EDI Messages and Talend.

Customized support

Deploying this tool successfully and optimally requires specific knowledge. Our consultants have years of experience deploying the Orchestrator with several clients. Besides guidance and implementation of this tool, we also regularly provide training courses to learn more about the Orchestrator. In addition, we enjoy sparring with our clients about the possibilities this technology can offer the organization and we always provide customized advice.

In addition to our experience in implementing this tool, we also unburden our clients by providing a complete solution for their Oracle JD Edwards system. Our Managed Services consultants handle incidents and problems, respond to Service Requests and monitor the system with PRISM. This tool was developed specifically for JDE and our consultants have years of experience with this innovative technology. In addition, our consultants are available 24/7, anywhere in the world.

Easily accessible
Low-code solution
Accelerates digital transformation
Many automation options

Need a specialist?

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Business Unit Manager

As Business Unit Manager, Dirk-Jan is responsible for the smooth running of all Managed Service activities.

With more than 20 years of international experience, Dirk-Jan's background gives him a unique perspective coupled with his strong empathy. As a trusted advisor, Dirk-Jan makes every effort to add value based on mutual trust, he attaches great importance to service and quality and as a trusted advisor he advises and unburdens our clients.

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