Do you need support now?

Do you need support now?

Do you have to resolve an unknown JDE error message? Have you got a functional question? Or do you want to optimize a work process? You can immediately engage the consultants at Forza Consulting for short, ad hoc activities. Questions no longer need to be planned during an extensive consultation, but can be carried out remotely in a short time. This allows you to quickly get on with your business.

For example, you can request support for the following questions:

  • That one functional question that remains unanswered;
  • Optimization of a work process: how can it be made simpler?
  • Looking over the shoulder of the end user and providing tips;
  • The development of a complex report;
  • The resolution of an unknown JDE error message;
  • Supporting a new colleague in using JD Edwards;
  • Temporary application management during the vacation or illness of a colleague.

There are many more examples of short-term activities that we can advise you on. There is no start-up fee. We only charge for the time we spend giving advice. Do you need support now? Please contact us by completing the form on the right or call +31 (0) 205 160 221!

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