Available now: Accounts Payable Automation for Nextworld

Forza Consulting is proud to announce Accounts Payable Automation for Nextworld. We will be launching two finance automation applications for Nextworld in the Accounts Payable field: Supplier Invoice Automation and Bank Payment Automation. These solutions enhance the value of Nextworld, as they further extend its capabilities with regards to automated processing of invoices and payments.

Accounts Payable Automation

With the delivery of these Nextworld solutions we are building on our success and experience with SCANMAN and CGI Payman for JD Edwards, making use of our extensive knowledge of the fields of Invoice Automation and Bank Payment Automation. Both solutions are built on Nextworld’s no-code development platform, Nextbot.

Nextworld: a 100% no-code ERP Solution

We are excited to partner with Nextworld as a solution developer for their ERP platform. Nextworld offers a radical alternative to those burdened by traditional ERP, providing a full suite of cloud-based, enterprise applications built from the ground up on a no-code platform. With this revolutionary architecture, they are allowing organizations to swiftly align with current business realities. With Nextworld, we share the same JD Edwards background.

SIA & BPA: Accounts Payable Automation to reduce processing effort

SIA provides a state-of-the-art invoice automation solution, automatically processing the PDF invoices you receive and replace repetitive manual tasks. BPA automates the payment process by generating electronic XML bank payment files in the format your bank uses. These payment files are processed directly, reducing processing effort, payment exceptions and risk.

Both solutions are offered as a streamlined, straight-forward and automatic process, fully embedded as cloud service in Nextworld ERP. Find out more about Accounts Payable Automation for Nextworld in the fact sheets below, or contact us for further information.

Read more on BPA for Nextworld in this fact sheet

Read more on SIA for Nextworld in this fact sheet

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