Industrial manufacturing, the large-scale mechanized production of goods, takes place within a wide range of sectors,  for instance:  pharmaceuticals, food, consumer products and machine building. To be competitive in the current global economy industrial manufacturing companies are continuously challenged to optimize their activities and quickly respond to the requirements and opportunities of their environment. Versatile, powerful, ERP software is essential in the entire process. We offer the best ERP solution for industrial manufacturing : Oracle JD Edwards.

JD Edwards in Industrial Manufacturing

In the area of production, Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne is a proven solution in which all aspects of the business process can be managed: different business functions such as finance, production, purchasing, sales, CRM and service all work together seamlessly within one integrated system.

Oracle JD Edwards can handle different environments with regard to production, possibly within one and the same company. Whether it concerns process or discrete production, various processes such as ‘make to stock’, ‘assemble to order’ or ‘engineer to order’, can be easily translated in the software. In addition, there is functionality available to support concepts such as lean manufacturing, Kanban and multi-site production planning/global demand management. Furthermore it offers possibilities such as ‘equipment management’ to manage assets and ‘advance cost accounting’ to bring more transparency into cost structures.

Oracle JD Edwards is ideally suited for multilingual and international production companies with several branches. The system furthermore offers:

  • a large number of mobile applications for tasks that are not carried out behind a desktop;
  • easy to produce graphical reports;
  • notifications and workflow based on roles;
  • extensive possibilities to integrate with other software.

The Oracle JD Edwards software runs on various databases, operating systems and hardware. It is available On Premise and is offered as a private cloud solution.

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Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Features

Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne is a sound solution, known for its flexibility, scalability and completeness. New and changing circumstances in the business operation can be easily and quickly configured within the standard part of the solution, in which more than 80 different functional modules are already integrated and which can support the most varied business processes.

The Oracle JD Edwards Production modules form a part of this and offer, among others, the following functionality:

  • Lean, Kanban
  • Configurator
  • Multi-Site Production Planning (MRP,DRP)
  • Capacity Planning
  • Product Data Management
  • Shop Floor
  • Equipment Maintenance
  • Engineering Change Management
  • Manufacturing Accounting
  • Advanced cost accounting
  • Quality Management
  • Health and Safety
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