For the integration of your Oracle ERP with other applications, Forza Consulting supports different integration solutions. The ideal solution will depend on the requirements of the business case and your preference for a specific integration platform i.e. JD Edwards integration tool set, Oracle SOA Suite or another SOA based middleware like Magic Software XPI. Forza Consulting has extensive knowledge of these tools and the alternative solutions they offer.

Application integration solutions of Forza

The consultants of Forza Consulting are experts in integrating JD Edwards and cloud applications with other platforms and solutions. We are helping companies to move from traditional point to point/batch oriented interfaces to real-time web service integrations based on service oriented architecture (SOA) standards.

Forza offers support on different integration solutions:Forza offers support on different integration solutions:

The Oracle SOA Suite integration platform is available on premise, or as a PAAS (Platform As a Service) in the cloud, as ‘Oracle SOA Cloud Service’. Forza Consulting has adopted the Oracle SOA technology. It is a powerful tooling for the development of both JD Edwards related integrations and the integrations with Oracle Cloud applications.

For JD Edwards, we have created an integration framework to simplify the monitoring of interfaces developed using the SOA Suite, from within the JD Edwards ERP system. 

Apart from the Oracle solutions, we have a lot of experience with the XPI integration platform created by Magic Software.

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