With Forza’s CGI PAYMAN, dealing with various domestic and international payment statements belongs to the past. CGI PAYMAN replaces all custom and domestic payment file formats with one single standardized XML payment message, ensuring JD Edwards payments are clear and manageable.


CGI PAYMAN supports a wide range of payment formats, including widely adopted standards like CGI and MT101 and several local formats, such as BTL91, DTAZV and a number of Chinese and Brazilian formats. During the implementation of CGI PAYMAN we investigate your format needs, ensuring these are supported with the CGI PAYMAN standard. As formats may change over time, new formats are provided under maintenance & support.

The solution automatically determines the best payment route for each individual AP invoice, without having to change voucher information, i.e. JD Edwards payment instrument. Based on the company banking structure, supplier banking structure and invoice information, the best possible routing is determined. CGI PAYMAN also automatically validates your supplier’s bank account information when creating a payment run. This eliminates erroneous payments.


  • Improves and simplifies the JD Edwards payment process;
  • Adds controls to avoid errors and fraud within the payment process;
  • Adopts international payment standards that are not covered by the standard JD Edwards functionality, i.e. SEPA Payments.


More information?

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How it works

The XML payment initiation messages generated by CGI PAYMAN are based on the ISO 20022 guideline. The standard ISO 20022 XML payment message contains hundreds of fields, allowing it to be used for virtually all payment types. CGI PAYMAN includes a subset of those fields, increasing the manageability of the payment messages.

By selecting a JD Edwards payment type, CGI PAYMAN automatically collects the correct data to generate the XML payment message for your bank. No more hassles with different file formats for different banks and countries, what is left is a neat and streamlined payment process.

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