Working more efficiently

Providing insight into system performance is a complex process in any ERP environment. Many factors and dependencies affect how fast and well the system works. With Performance Management from Forza Consulting, this is expertly mapped out.

Performance Management

Managing and improving system performance requires a consultant with in-depth knowledge of various disciplines. Both of the operating system, database, interfaces and strong content knowledge of JD Edwards. Due to the complex relationship between the various components that make up ERP software, it is a challenge to discover exactly what is not working, what is causing performance problems and why the system is not performing optimally.

Our Forza consultants have all the knowledge needed to make the system perform optimally. Based on our expertise in Performance Management, we are members of the Oracle JD Edwards Performance Taskforce. Forza Consulting is considered a strong partner by the development team in Denver, with whom knowledge and experiences are regularly shared.

In addition to the standard Oracle Server Manager toolset, there is a unique performance monitoring tool developed specifically for JD Edwards. With this tool, called PRISM, the performance of a JD Edwards environment can be monitored and areas for improvement can be detected in time.


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World-class consultants

The Forza consultants are familiar with all regular versions of JD Edwards. Thanks to the short lines of communication with the Oracle development team in Denver, we are up-to-date with the latest developments. Moreover, our technical specialists regularly support Oracle with beta testing releases.

In addition to extensive knowledge of the platform, our specialists have experience with several organizational structures, making them widely deployable. The consultants work closely with the business and IT teams to maximise value, improve efficiency, upgrade systems and support business growth.

Knowledge of the latest JD Edwards versions
Cost-efficient and reliable
24/7 monitoring with PRISM

Need a specialist?

Dirk-Jan Boerefijn

Business Unit Manager

As Business Unit Manager, Dirk-Jan is responsible for the smooth running of all Managed Service activities.

With more than 20 years of international experience, Dirk-Jan's background gives him a unique perspective coupled with his strong empathy. As a trusted advisor, Dirk-Jan makes every effort to add value based on mutual trust, he attaches great importance to service and quality and as a trusted advisor he advises and unburdens our clients.

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