Introducing Release 24 – Applications

With Premier Support through at least 2034, now is a great time to have another look at the recently announced JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Release 24.

Don’t have time to go through the anounched enhancements? No problem! We’re going to dive into Release 24 to summarize the highlights for you!

With Premier Support through at least 2034, now is a great time to have another look at the recently announced JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Release 24.

Take advantage of the Continuous Innovation with JD Edwards 9.2 code line where enhancements are cumulative. This means Release 24 applications and tools can be adopted when they meet business requirements without cost and disruption of a major upgrade (continuous delivery/adoption model).

Don’t have time to go through the powerful lineup of features and enhancements that promise smoother operations, enhanced user journeys, and seamless integrations? No problem! We’re going to dive into Release 24 to summarize the highlights for you!


A Requisition to Receipt process flow model which combines E1-pages and watchlists, every step in the flow contains watchlists that provide data in context and relevant to every step in the process. Plus, you can link to additional detailed process flows, charts, and graphs. This enables you to focus on the whole process instead of individual transactions by using existing data. For Logistic process Shipment to Dispatch there is also a process flow with E1 pages and watchlists available.

There are additional enhancements that allow you to prevent the system from reopening the requisition order when a purchase order line is cancelled during receipt.

If you use the Advanced Pricing module, you can now review line level adjustments in standalone mode at any time in the procurement process. This provides flexibility in whether a better price is possible if a larger quantity is ordered before entering a purchase order.

Lastly, the JD Edwards Advanced Pricing system for procurement automatically notifies you when a different level break can be achieved by increasing the quantity ordered by a specific percentage while entering a purchase order. You will get a better discount which results in increased savings.


For inventory planning, automated safety stock population has been introduced. Level of safety stock is calculated and populated by the system. There are three options in proof mode before made final for the end user depending on business needs.

A further new feature is to Allow Inventory Locations to be Put On Hold in the Location Master that defines what kind of transactions are allowed and takes precedence over the Lot Status in the Item Location table. This eliminates the need to update individual item/lot/location record. Inventory management made more efficient and flexible!


Manufacturing now includes functionality in automatic routing attachment for service or equipment workorders when created through the ETO Project Workbench, eliminating extra user steps that were required prior to this enhancement.

If you are on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), an Artificial Intelligence (AI)/Machine Learning (ML) accelerator is available which provides a jump-start in identifying patterns and correlations with AI/ML


Users can drill down from the Account Ledger program to the details of a voucher that is associated with a purchase order.

An enhanced processing option in the Journal Entry program enables users to enter journal entries with a default document type.

In the Business Unit and Job Master programs the Joint Venture Parent Business Unit is now included.  This helps to view the joint venture BUs from a single form and the Joint Venture hierarchy can be seen from the BU or Job Master.

And the last new feature in the finance module is a new program for the review of the Asset and Maintenance Costs. This program provides improved and accurate data for asset cost analysis and decision making on asset write-offs, repairs, or new acquisitions.

Capital Asset Management

Enhancements have been made for the resource manager to effectively carry out the resource assignment process. These give improved access to necessary data with additional filters plus ability to tailor tables by rearranging data and incorporating additional columns.

The system now provides an option to update the work order start date when the resource assignment for that order is rescheduled or to remove resource assignments when a work order is cancelled.

Grower/Blend Management

There is now improved traceability of all additives in a lot. This enables users to generate and access audit reports in a timely manner upon request from the auditors and to demonstrate compliance throughout the audit trail.


For France and Peru, the VAT report is changed and for Argentina it is modified to comply with RG715.

Release 24 innovation is delivered in Tools 9.2.8 which supports Applications 9.2 and is only available for 64-bit Tools Foundation.

Maintaining Your JD Edwards Code Currency

Are you on JDE 9.2? Forza can support your transition to Release 24 with our Code Current Service, as well as Orchestrator training. Alternatively, if you’re considering an upgrade to 9.2, our team are renowned for their expertise and passion for JD Edwards. We’d love to help you understand all the reasons why you should upgrade.

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