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With Premier Support through at least 2034, now is a great time to have another look at JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Release 24. Release 24 comprises of an application and a tools enhancement part. Application enhancement can be found here. The new Tool enhancements can be found in Digital transformation, System automation, Security and in Certifications. Time to inform you about what is new in Tools!

Digital Transformation

Modernized update for the Workflow Monitor to inform process owners that processes are running smoothly or an early awareness of issues.

Users can assign a due date for tasks assigned via orchestration or notification, the recipient updates the status (Approved, In Process or Complete) and all these statuses are written in a table to be monitored. Available for analysis. They can also set reminders/follow-up dates for important tasks and sort messages in the My Worklist application. This way users can keep track of time-sensitive priorities. And it is possible to specify another separator character than a comma for Orchestrator Output to CSV.

Output Stream Access(OSA) for Orchestrations. Combining Orchestrator and the EnterpriseOne batch engine opens possibilities for automating processes and generating custom-formatted output using OSA.

A set of prebuilt data structures suitable for a wide variety of workflows. The feature also delivers a generic workflow approval process that designers can copy and modify for their own scenarios, and a generic message template. Using these preconfigured components designers can get a quick start on building workflows. This simplifies the process of creating new workflows.

System Automation

With the JDE update manager on the web client, it is now possible to apply the yearly cumulative Application Software Update (ASU) through the Software Updates application and to apply multiple updates in Batch mode to stay code current.

The Impact Analysis Dashboard provides a comprehensive interface to visualize the objects and business processes that are updated when a patch is applied to their system.

And to simplify the application update process a web utility is embedded to compare existing UDC value and Data Dictionary Glossary text vs proposed changes in the update.

New is the Automated Tools Release Configuration combining all previous Automated Special Instructions(ASI). Leverages the existing JD Edwards application that can run over HTML and can be automated through orchestration.

Server Manager – Centralized Configuration for enterprise servers and Business Services Servers (BSSV) and Real-Time Events(RTE). This enhancement enables users to set up a default configuration that servers can inherit and eliminates the manual effort required to populate common settings across multiple servers.

New enhancements for Web OMW:

  • Business View Design Tool, for developers and business analysts.
  • And possibility to directly promote objects and OMW projects to a “live” active package.

User level logging for all instances in a single place, this makes it easier to enable and collect user logs from multiple instances for debugging.

Certifications Release 24

When you haven’t upgraded to 9.2 yet, Oracle has a complex matrix of interdependent platform components that Release 24 is certified to run on:

  • Oracle Analytics Server 23
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2022
  • Microsoft Windows 11
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2022
  • Microsoft Office 2021
  • Google Chrome 118
  • Mozilla Firefox 115 ESR
  • Microsoft Edge Chromium 118
  • Apple Safari 17 on Mac OS

Last, but not the least – you need to be on 64bit for all these enhancements to be available to you. Support for 32-bit has already ended and older versions of JD Edwards are reaching the end of their support lifecycle. This means that you should have a look at your IT security since you may no longer receive security patches, updates and/or technical support.

Forza consulting can support you with the transition to Release24 or when you are considering an upgrade to 9.2, as well as Orchestrator set up and training.

Release 24 innovation is delivered in Tools 9.2.8 which supports Applications 9.2 and is only available for 64-bit Tools Foundation.

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