Organizations that run their JD Edwards ERP system on-premise, often run into limitations. Internally, management knowledge is scarce, while taking care of the underlying infrastructure is becoming increasingly complex. By opting for the cloud, you outsource these concerns, allowing you to better focus on your core activities.

What is JD Edwards in the cloud?

By opting for JD Edwards as a cloud solution, your entire ERP system is available from a high-quality PaaS environment. Forza Consulting can migrate your organization to any cloud platform, for example Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and IBM Cloud Hosting Services. We act as an independent single point of contact for the infrastructure and – if desired – we can take over the monitoring and management of your entire JD Edwards environment.

Compared to an on-premise environment, JD Edwards in the cloud offers higher availability, flexibility and scalability in combination with enterprise-class security. Experience reliable performance at a predictable pay-per-use rate.

Which business case can we solve for your organization? We are happy to discuss it during a free cloud architecture session.

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More information?

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Managed services to relieve your IT department

You can also confidently leave the technical management of your JD Edwards cloud environment to Forza Consulting. In addition to our high level of expertise, we distinguish ourselves through our easily accessible consultants and proactive management. We continuously monitor your environment with advanced tools and are on standby in the event of an incident. 24/7 or only during office hours.

The benefits of Forza Consulting

  • Independent of cloud providers
  • Single point of contact for your entire cloud infrastructure
  • Scalable and pay-per-use cloud platforms
  • Outsourcing of specialist management knowledge
  • 24/7 monitoring and proactive management via advanced tools
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