Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne is an integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software solution for midsized to large companies. JD Edwards is a suitable ERP solution for companies in a wide range of branches. This is due to the broad choice of functionality it offers, the flexibility that it has to grow together with the business and because of the low TCO associated with JD Edwards.

Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne DNA

JD Edwards is an ERP system that has been on the market since 1977 originating from Denver, Colorado. The first customers were from the oil industry, from there the solution became established as the first to fully support multi-currency and international business. Over the years JD Edwards has been improved continuously. Now an Oracle product, it is still a leading ERP system.

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne offers a number of benefits compared to other ERP software. The system:

  • is a World Class ERP solution and component of the Oracle family of products;
  • has a modular structure and can be implemented in phases;
  • is flexible and scalable;
  • is available in 18 languages, including Dutch;
  • is platform independent;
  • is fully integrated, as all data is stored in one database;
  • can be easily connected to other applications;
  • is a proven solution and continuously in development;
  • has guaranteed support by Oracle till far in the future.

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Integrated and modular and flexible

Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne is a fully fledged ERP system that is pre-eminently suitable for medium-sized and large companies operating internationally. Thanks to its modular structure JD Edwards is used in various branches: from wholesale and industrial manufacturing to real estate and, local government. You select the modules that are of interest for your organization.

The JD Edwards software is a highly flexible configurable solution. Changing the ‘Production’ configuration is relatively easy to do and can be achieved at a low cost in most case. The configuration is not “set in stone” and be adjusted to meet improved business processes.

Current users of JD Edwards EnterpriseOne see great value in the flexibility of the system. The standard functions are configurable and can be changed to meet the business requirements of your company. Many of our customers have experienced various reorganizations and other changes during recent years and changed the working of their JD Edwards EnterpriseOne software accordingly. In addition, the system lends itself well for support from a central or decentralized administration or a mixture of both.

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