Forza Consulting’s SEPA Enhancement solution optimizes the standard JD Edwards SEPA payment processes. The SEPA Enhancement ensures both full control and security over you payment transactions. Forza’s SEPA Enhancement solution improves both the outgoing creditor payment processes as well as the incoming direct debits payment processes, ensuring an optimized payment process.

The Forza Consulting SEPA solution

The introduction of SEPA radically changed the payment processes in your JD Edwards system. Oracle has provided a number of ESU’s for the modifications that are needed within the software. While implementing SEPA it became evident to us that several enhancements on the standard software needed to be applied to the JD Edwards objects.

Forza Consulting set out to improve the complete payment process in JD Edwards, enhancements are available for the outgoing creditor payment process (SEPA Credit Transfers, SCT) and for the incoming direct debits process (SEPA SDD). The SEPA enhancement can be implemented on both payment processes, can be implemented separately or completely integrated with the Bank & Cash Management solution.


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SEPA Credit Transfer (SCT)

The SEPA Credit Transfer Enhancement solves two very critical breaches in your payment process, as standard JE Edwards supports one general SCT file format while formats vary per country and bank. In addition the standard XML file is unprotected, allowing room for fraud as information such as bank account numbers and amounts can be changed.

The SEPA Credit Transfer enhancements ensure for acceptance of your SCT file format throughout the European Payments Area and at all banks. In addition we support working with hash totals, protecting the integrity of your payment files. SEPA SCT ensures your payment process is executed smoothly and timely and that your payment files are well protected against fraud. 

  • Supports all bank formats for SCT in all SEPA countries
  • Full support should XML formats change in the future
  • Hash totals ensure the integrity of the XML file


SEPA incoming direct debits (SDD)

The SEPA Enhancement solution resolves a number of limitations in the standard, reducing the possibility of making errors, improving the sequence of the process steps and providing various control options to perform payment checks.

  • Single workbench for all activities
  • Interactive error handling
  • Improved mandate registration
  • Invoices are only settled upon receipt of the money at the bank
  • Ensures for correct XML message


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