WAPMAN for EnterpriseOne has been developed to help JDEdwards EnterpriseOne customers to manage, archive and purge their PrintQueue data and related files.

Storage output

In a typical EnterpriseOne environment users can run thousands of EnterpriseOne reports on a daily basis. The output generated is stored in two locations: in the WSJ (Work with Submitted Jobs) tables and in the print queues folders on the enterprise servers.
Typically the majority of the reports are not retained and usually they will be purged or deleted after a period of time. In some cases, users would like to retain the reports specific documents for future reference. This could be due to legal requirements or company policy.  EnterpriseOne does not have standard tools to archive this kind of information, and in addition the standard purging processes delete all reports indiscriminately on the basis of the number of retention days specified in the standard purge process.

WAPMAN can help you implement a purge and archive policy for submitted jobs by providing you with a purge / archive application, an archived document browser and a viewer application.

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