WORKFLOW & COLLABORATION is an agile cloud-based workflow solution that optimally supports your staff departments with simple and intuitive screens, completely integrated with your JD Edwards environment.


Your colleagues at departments like HR, Legal, Sales, Finance and Facility Management wish to work with IT-solutions that are easy to operate, that encourage collaboration and that do not need lots of data-entry. WORKFLOW & COLLABORATION is an agile cloud-based solution with a flexible, user-friendly and customizable interface that automates the manual steps within your workflows and stimulates collaboration between departments. Combined with JD Edwards, this results in an all-in-one solution for improving and simplifying your processes.


  • Trigger tasks, related or unrelated to activities within JD Edwards
  • Encourage communication and social collaboration
  • Replace paper stacks of incoming and outgoing forms
  • Easily track the progress of tasks
  • Provide roles with limited need for interaction within JD Edwards
  • Offer an alternative way to feed data into the system
  • Access to a simple, flexible and effective user interface – Available via desktop, smartphone and tablet

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How does it work?

WORKFLOW & COLLABORATION provides direct insight into pending and completed tasks through notifications, a task overview and clever calendar options. The solution also enables you to easily connect with colleagues and partners, using the chat feature and functionalities that allow you to add comments or notes in each step of the workflow. The tool offers strong integration possibilities through a comprehensive set of easy to use API’s. It can, for example, be integrated with your current JD Edwards ERP-system, your email software and your mobile applications.

The solution also helps digitize inefficient, manual processes. The practice of walking from one desk to the other to notify colleagues about an event or task, can be put through digitally with WORKFLOW & COLLABORATION. The responsible employees receive automatic follow-up notifications, so everyone knows what to do to successfully complete the process. All these functionalities are available via your desktop, smartphone and tablet.

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