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Recently we attended InFocus in Denver Colorado and as an Oracle partner we were present at the Oracle Apps Unlimited event in Utrecht the Netherlands.

There was a clear trend during both events: orchestrations to enable Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne customers to simplify their way of working in JD Edwards. The focus for recent and upcoming releases is to optimize and automate processes and monitor the outcome of these automations. In the past, customizations were needed to meet business processes one to one since there was little way to get external data interfaced into the system otherwise or to follow complex, business-specific processes.

Using Workflows, Orchestrations, Notifications, and Logic Extensions now gives a greater level of flexibility to alert users to actionable items, monitor progress of the processes, and track time spent. Each step of the way can be monitored based on inputs and outputs as well as orchestration performance when Orchestrations are used.

Many cases were presented in ways we can use Oracle JD Edwards Orchestrator Studio to make life easier for everyone working in JD Edwards. The latest releases include multiple quality-of-life features that allow for a full overhaul of the system to go code current, eliminate customizations, and simplify system monitoring, data mining, and testing of new releases:

In the latest release of JD Edwards, these are a couple of examples of ways in which latest releases take JD Edwards to the next level

  • Orchestrations and Notifications can be triggered via Composite Pages.
  • Elimination of old legacy customizations by using JD Edwards standard objects in the Orchestrator.
  • Simplification of test efforts after system upgrades.
  • Version specific creation of Form Extensions.

This is the future for Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne: monitoring core processes, standardizing workflows, and alerting all relevant parties to exceptions together with a toolset to allow Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne customers to go and stay code current while also improving and standardizing the way of working in the system.

Do you want to use more of the Orchestrations? Please contact us.

Not able to adapt new features because you are running on 9.1 or 9.2 32-bit? We offer customer tailored upgrade paths. Considering the Cloud? Contact us for our Cloud services (OCI/AWS/Azure). Don’t forget to follow us on LinkedIn to stay up to date.

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