XPI by Magic Software is an ideal integration solution for small and medium sized businesses that use JD Edwards. Magic XPI was previously called‘Magic iBOLT’. It is a “code free” enterprise service bus (ESB) solution with a standard JD Edwards connector. It enables to build and manage business processes and integrations across platforms, easily, fast and in a structured way.


XPI for JD Edwards

The development of processes and integrations within the graphical XPI integration platform delivered by Magic Software, is characterized by the simplicity and effectiveness with which solutions can be created. For the creation of integrations in XPI, a large number of standard connectors, can be used, including a JD Edwards-connector. With this connector, it is possible to quickly and easily build webservices in XPI based on ALL business functions contained in JD Edwards, just as if you were developing in JD Edwards.

XPI for JD Edwards offers:

  • A complete connectivity solution that integrates JD Edwards across all of your organizational business processes.
  • A JD Edwards Adapter , certified by Oracle
  • Intuitive, user-friendly tools, including step-by-step wizards and drag-and drop actions.
  • A library of more than fifty connectors, services, and methodologies to create business processes based on JD Edwards logic.
  • A visual data mapper, in which information can be transformed.
  • No coding is required, therefore:
  • Short development times, lower development costs
  • Online Monitoring

The XPI integration platform is based on the Magic Application technology (XPA). It uses in-memory data grid computing to efficiently distribute the load of different integrations across available resources.

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More information?

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Connectors, wizards, services and methods

Over the years, Forza Consulting has gathered a lot of experience in developing integrations for JD Edwards based on Magic XPI technology at different JD Edwards users and in different business scenarios.

Successful XPI integration projects realized by Forza Consulting include:

  • Microsoft sharepoint integration
  • Integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Webshop integration: Sales order entry and order information
  • Sales Order flow Interfaces
  • Purchase Order flow interfaces (Advanced Shipping Notifications)
  • JD Edwards Warehouse Management integration (RFGen / DSI /Centric Locus)
  • B2B Website integration
  • FTP scenario’s


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